Go Forward, Support, and Learn with 5in15!

Coaches, athletes, or anyone interested in sports, have all wished for extra time (and cash) to dedicate to gaining knowledge in order to learn and improve.  Athletic participation is positively impacted when regular professional development is a part of the culture.  Unfortunately, not every team and individual has access to training and education resources.  These obstacles prompted us to create the ‘5in15’ program to help all who love sport and performance to move forward, and support others, with their learning.  

The ‘5in15’ program addresses challenges associated with lack of time, money, visibility, and access to professional development that all dedicated sports persons face on a regular basis.   All seminars feature a panel of experienced individuals each presenting 15 minutes worth of useful knowledge on a wide variety of topics.  Partnering with local hosts and presenters allows for shared learning through the process of making each event happen.  Those who attend a 5in15 seminar learn valuable information, while presenters strive to communicate clear and concise information.  The 5in15 program is inspired by events like the National Coaching Conference, and organizations such as the Tucker Center, where public scholarship is offered in many exceptional formats.  Whether you are a varsity coach, a first-time referee, or a parent who excels at organization, you can share your knowledge to help others.  A diverse and inclusive gathering of knowledge, and individuals, helps everyone learn and develop.        

If this sounds like a program you would like to be a part of, then we invite you to take the next step!  First15 is looking for individuals who want to join the 5in15 movement.  Wherever you are located, we will work to find a way to connect, share, and learn.  To get started, visit www.first15sport.com and click this link to complete the interest form now!  We look forward to learning with you soon!